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Hello,Welcome to Our blog CUSTOMERDIRECTORY.ORG.So, u want to know more about me?

Hello, My name is Joy prakash Ghosh. I am an Full time blogger, an affiliate marketer,and per time youtuber.My youtube channel name is SAAB KUCH .The channel basically makes video In hindi (India's national language).

I started My blogging as per timer .as it was that time fun. Nothing serious.No commitment .But After that My interest Grew that i decided to take it as Full time option .and i would love to help any one in this occassion.I am not good about talking so many things about me. so ,pardon .just want to say few words. whoever you are i don't care but if you share my dream as i do ,Bro you are welcome.

If you want to connect with me ,leave your message , i would love to hear from you.

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