Monday, 19 February 2018

How i made this week $300 dollar using one of Instagram small recent account ?

Instagram is one of the un-touched method .many people dont use it why because its still kind of new and people get banned for posting adult stuff .they dont allow people to show their onki-bonki here and ther. and like tumblr they dont let people post adult stuff.they have their very strict guidelines .

so, as you people know i am living on online last 5 years.and i enjoy blogging platform to let share my experience and methods .and this is one of my least used technique .there are tons of technique i use .so ,i am not worried about i am giving my ' golden goose.' or my little tricks. one thing for sure you will see lots of attention on your instagram on very less days . Tumblr is pretty much saturated i will say. because its traffic is lots of freebie but instagram is real money place.
how to make tons of money from instagram.secret method unleashed!!!

If you do right kind of thing ,you will have decent kind of profit .For that you need a adult tube or adult auto Blog. if you dont know what is adult -autoblogging is Then i will share about it very sooner or later. So, i will tell you in short. Get a share web hosting You can take hostgator its the best for adult hosting .its dont ban otherwise if you want to take from other user you just talk with their customer care .make sure they allow adult content .otherwise you will be in problem,

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and Use Godaddy or name cheap to Buy domain name .they are the best in market. So ,for go daddy first .com you will get very cheap like .99 cents or 199 rupees.

Or with namecheap You can find many domain variety with cheap range of price and an additional Domain privacy with one year complete free of cost. so that No one one is your website and no one can steal your information from who is who. Go daddy takes extra bucks to hide that information.

so Now you have domain name and shared wordpress hosting from hostgator Bingo!!!

You have done it !!!

Install a wordpress on shared hosting .link your ip to domain name and point it and your site is ready.install some adult wordpress themes and plug in which is necessary and dump the adult pic and video content. 

and you got an adult blog. now what you will do is sighn up in instagram with a cam model name .Now listen this steps very carefully.this is the most important traffic  Part. here you will get the money.

so, You choose a very sexy cam model name and Follow some random horny men. how you will find Use your instinct and send messages with your website . but dont overdo it or you will be banned.
and post sexy girl pic with your url but dont link it and use watermark image with your niche. like you prefer fetish foot worshipping so you dont need to show any adultery instead of use some half or semi naked sexy type post and boom bam boom . your account will go and you will get handsome amount of traffic in no time .

Rinse and repeat this process ,its not easy fix but its worth it and use an adult advertisement to show ad on your blog So you can add exoclick To sighn up exoclick ad here you will get free $100 dollar advertisement money . so that your blog will get extra traffic from our end.

Exoclick sighn up

or refer here is a complete article about which is Top high paying best adult ad network.

so, you get the idea which ad network may suit you. and another warning i like to give you if your blog is new dont entirely depend on one kind of  traffic .I will show couple of other method to make your new adult tube blog to make money that you dont have to work another day. it will grow in months and you will get organic traffic from google and then book mark this site on to some search engine and it will make money in autopilot. .
i will update this blog very soon. comment the result and if you have any suggestion.