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Top 10 Pay per click ad netwrok & Affiliate Programs india | High paying ppc network

Affiliate programs are the best ways To earn money Online.After Google advertising ,any one can Earn Money by affiliate marketing.but first You need to realize that there Has to be certain things which has to be in order to make money from online marketing.

PPc advertisement ,affiliate Networks are greatest Ways to generate High amount of revenue from Online earning.

Pay per click network &Affiliate Programs  whats the difference between Both?

There is complete difference between both ad networks .I will let you show the difference within few minutes.When some people visit By any ad network ,and after landing on their sales page If that persons buy something then you will get commision as an affiliate marketer,

But in case of ppc ad network ,if some one buys something or not it does not matter ,if the person clicks your ad you will get paid.
Here is the top 10 list of high paying ppc ad networks and affiliate program available in india

So, between ppc ad netwrok and Affiliate program which one is good?

Actually there is no good or bad. its all about money baby. It depends that what type of site you have and what kind of audience you have. what type suits best for you. But ,if you ask me i need both of them. if this does not work then there is another one. But the best thing about affiliate program is if it converts it converts very well and pay you much more than any ppc ad network.

So, my recomendation about affiliate ad program and pay per click network :

Use both . You never know which is gonna do the magic for you niche .your site.Use the best in market.

The best PPC ad network:

There is only one king i know thats the best ppc ad network available in market .thats google ad sense .and there is also few others which is comparing to the king . but king is always king. it does not matter. but google has some policy which may be or probably will not suit for your site.

then what should you do ?

Use the other  PPC ad networks : alternative of google adsense you can use for your site.that also provide you some extra bucks .

There i have made a list .which goes like this;

  • Infolinks
  • Revcontent
  • Bidvertiser
  • Chitika.
  • Clicksor.
  • Vibrant Media.
  • Blogads.
Again i want to say few things ,that there is no best or worst ad depends which converts well .and what kind of audience you have ,where they are coming from.becuase few advertiser targets few special country.

Like if they are coming from tier-1 country you get paid higher, if  they are coming from tier-2 country you get liitle low in cpc value. and if they are coming from tier-3 country you better forget.

But ,hey don't be disappointed becuase you can always get the right kind of keywords that will convert high and pay you well in PPC adnetwork with best affiliates as well.

So. Its all about ppc adnetwork .then i will tell you about best affiliate programs that will convert well for your traffic.and make you money.

Best thing about This affiliate networks that you must know:

Affiliate network has different type of categories that you need to choose according to your customers and their special needs. you can not sell something if your customer does not want something,so,better you take care of your audience and do some research that what they needs not you.

If you follow certain steps and choose right kind of affiliate programs and traget the audience that suits your market .then big bucks are coming your way. 

There are Ctegories of affilate programs like Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Sale (CPS), or even Cost Per Click (CPC).

Top 10 best affiliate programs :

1) amazon: Be an amazon associate and start promoting their products ,there are various categories available and being an affiliate is very easy and all you need to do is choose the right type of products from right category to your blog /site.

2) Flipkart:  Flipkart has also affiliate programs available for all .You need to type in google flipkart affiliate and it will provide the direct link and you will get sighn up with it. and start promoting the products the next very moment.

3)Click bank: click bank is also an great affiliate program that allows any one for being an affiliate and start promoting their digital products or physical products available.

4)Jvzoo affiliate program: I can not stress the importance of being an jvzoo affiliate marketer .its the best after click bank. if you are not an jvzoo affiliate ,first sighn up with jvzoo and start promoting as their affiliatee.

5) CJ Affiliate


7)Rakuten Affiliate Network

8)eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network

I will keep on updating the other PPC & affiliate programs that is available in india and any where in world.

so,thats my entire list of best ppc ad network and best affiliate progams avilable in market. 


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