Friday, 2 December 2016

Want To be more popular In facebook ?Want more Likes& Comment ON your profile pic -KNOW HOW?

Hello ,welcome In customer directory.Here i have came with a new tricks that how you can gain lot of facebook likes and comment on your facebook profile pic and Facebook comment.

I have shown here step by step method and the used software or application you need to Download or install in your phone to get more like and comment in your page and profile is how you can do it too!

You can get unlimited amount of likes and followers as much you want .But to make it look like real i recommend that you should give possible 20-30 likes and 15 comments.Its hard for boys to get that much like sometime.its easy to get likes when you are girl or woman .no mattery how ugly you looks or whatever your age!
but for boys,Dont be dissappointed because i came here in this post,with a ultimate solution and also a safe solution that applying this method you can get lot of likes and followers and HENCE get lot of appreciation from the girls.People will think you are a social guy and you are a cool guy.

It is more important to be a tech guy.Here i am sharing ultimate solution To get More facebook likes on your facebook profile pic and get auto comments.

Step by step method to get Likes & comment in your facebook profile pic :

1)Log in to your own facebook profile .
2)You need to change some settings on your facebook profile to apply succesfully this method.
3)You go to the facebook Setting, and change the Facebook follower setting to Everyone or public .

Mobile screen shot

If you are using Computer then the screen will look like this  below.

Go to the privacy settings  and press it!

If you are using Computer then the screen will look like this  below.

So,after changing this Settings .Go to website. Or If you are using ANDROID phone then Go to Google play store and Type in search bar djliker apps.

4) And download the djliker apps and install it in your phone.

5) This is the best method and safest method available in the market.and after installing Dj apps BINGO!!!
6) You GOT IT!

7)Open the Djliker apps interface and Log in with your facebook account! and use autoliker button for more likes in your pic or if you want comment then press button "use auto liker".

8) Choose pic and hit for likes or hit for Comment ,you will get the amount of like and comments!