Thursday, 1 December 2016

JIO Happy new year offer 4G data+ CALL till 31st MARCH 2017

πŸ’—JIO!!! JIO!!! JIO!!!

Jio has surprised us many time and it has surprised us again with its plan extension.From a trusted source we came to know That jio has extended its plan .and Jio finally anounced its offer After reaching a bench mark of 52 million users alone.And it has extended its welcome offer till 31 st march 2017!!

πŸ‘‰This is a official anouncement By mukesh ambani SEE FULL JIO plAN and offer details below.

Reliance Jio happy new year offer data limit

So, There is one limitation over new year offer usage of internet . In previous plan you could use only 4 GB data per day and thats sufficient for any user .After 31 st december you can only use 1 Gb data for internet usage.

So,thats a little bit problem.But we have also made a solution 

Must see=>Here you can see How we can outlimit the usage of 1 GB in new welcome offer data plan IN JIO.

You will get High speed internet connection till 1 GB after completion of 1 gb usage the speed will get reduced to 128 KBps.and you can use till the completion of the day.
AND you can ENjoy the data in New Jio welcome offer .
Reliance JIO welcome offer has extended till 31 st march.2017

Highlights Of jio new offer Till 31 st march,2016:

1) JIO new welcome offer will be appliable for both new customer and existing customer.

2)Reliance JIO also announced For  1 GB of FUP (First usage policy) .According to FUP you can use per day 1 gb Full speed 4G internet and after that the speed will be reduced to 128 kbps.

3)Mr ambani says User dont need to buy an extra sim for The new welcome offer.

Reliance jio newwelcome Offer OPTIONS AND requirement 😊:
  • Jio is the fastest growing and most popular Network in world right mow.And it is expanding its business much faster than facebook,whatsapp and twitter.
  • Jio is the fast telecom service provider which is built up for giving high speed net service in India.
  • Jio is fastest growing tech farm .
  • Jio is better than when we fast started.
  • Thanks to Government of india For helping to make this dream come true.
  • today Jio customer  is consuming data more than any broadband  users in  the whole world.
  • Today, Jio has rolled out  successfully eKYC(Know your customer) around 2 lakh outlets in India.
  • Today,For Jio MONEY APPS people are moving toward Digital money .
  • One of the main motivation For jio is to make people digitally aware and make india DIGITAL india.
  • JioMoney is expanding Havocly and  Its deploying Micro-atm in many place around india.
  • This will help people with any kind of transactions .In shop,restaurant e.t.c

Announcement of Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer Video By mukesh ambani :

 Life Is Digital, Life Is Beautiful.
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