Monday, 5 December 2016

How do Free apps make a money &Get paid By advertising

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We have discussed in past also That How to make money Fast Online & Earn more money from Home .So, i have taken this topic to some far.Here i will discuss Different ways to make money from your smartphone and i will show You how you can buid apps and literally get paid by admob advertiser.

You can get paid for a apps 65,000-13,00,000 per year Depending on the How good your apps is.How well-developed it is and whats the idea behind this apps.

I am going to give you some great ideas that you can put together and build something large and Don't think about money because once you have million dollars idea money will eventually follow you.

So, In general i am going to discuss here that whats the potential behind this money making apps Idea.and why should anyone focus in that area.In todays world Wealth is measured not by a persons wealth but his knowledge ,and Knowledge is the new currency.If you have knowledge then you will create money making mantra .

Literallly, i will show you here how to make money building apps,how to make money from app development,how much money does it take to make an app.
know how free apps earn money

How much it costs you to make an apps:
1)No cost if you know coding or how to Make apps iF you are a app developer.

2)iT will cost some money if you have a briiliant dollar idea but still dont know about coding or you don't have time To learn.

3) You can make an apps by help of some third -party or website where apps making is like copy-paste job.but here i should mention that the apps will not have the unique desighn that you want to give .For that you need to take help of an proffesional app-developer or i will give you the source where you can make it!

Remember, one thing you don't have to be always the smartest people in the world ,you need to hire only the smarter people than you-told by some genius .i dont remember the name.

So,I get it .you don't have any idea also on which topic you should make apps or in which niche that will attract the young or the teenagers.go,in the google playstore and search for it ! Open each apps and see the download section and you will get a fair amount of idea that what apps is trending and in which idea you should work to make your billion dollar fortune.There is lot of doubt in peoples mind That do apps make money? They make hell lot of money more than ever you could imagine .so,Stop wasting time and make the billion dollar move .

How do free free apps make money:

Hey,i have answered the question in my Heading only.they get paid by the advertisers.Full internet is working on are getting knowledge at your hand for this advertisers.Nothing is free in this world.thats harsh truth.

The way i am getting paid and all the other blogger or website owner for creating free content,that you are enjoying.and not paying any single money,yes,the apps also get paid by showing adds on their apps.

And if you Have skill like coding skill and you know literally how to design apps then you are going to get paid hefty amount of money.No doubt in that ,you can work online or you can also work in some software company and they will hire you at very high How much do app developers make ? again it depends and definitely its lot.

Free source that you can learn app developing skills :

There are plenty free source available you can get skills of app developing online.or there are also paid source available.

well,i have taken initiative to collect the free source that you can get these source in your hand and develop your first apps for just fun and later take it seriously.well ,money makes everyone serious and proffesional.

3) (for ios)

Ok,then again its a lot more than only earning money.Its an art. so,Be the master of this art.Hope you enjoyed this article .If you then pls share In facebook or whatsapp or twitter.