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How can i work from home and make money -Top ideas to make money at home

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If you Are looking for the Ideas to make money Online and Earn more money from home .Then you are in right place.Because i am gOnna walk you through the process and make You understand that how this thing actually works! and what are the way you can earn money from online.

Once there was time I was looking all over internet and trying to Find How to make money Online in india? I need to make money online again i was having no money down the road .and i was thinking about making money without any money or real Investment.

So,i just saw every piece of information available n internet and Got few ideas but again i was not making large money back then 2014 .

So, I gathered all the information and the best earning method and if you can apply These method you can also earn huge amount of money that you can take online career very seriously.
Start internet business with no investment or zero investment.
How to make best online business & earn real money.tips and tricks

Top 5 ways to make money from home:

1) Start blogging :

Buy a domain name and Hosting service or you can work In a free platform like Blogger ,or wordpress.com redirect site and can redirect site .and Your cost will be around $10 dollar or In indian rupees 600 max to max.

If you take hosting from Bluehost or hostgator it will cost you around 4,000 to 5,000 In inr / $120 -$150 dollar in us currecncy.

I will recommend you to buy hosting from reputed companies and mostly from hosting provider company.

2)Make your youtube channel:

Make your youtube channel,Edit video with camtasia or adobe premiere or There are other plenty of free software available.Take time and research for it! thats the best kind of investment you can make.There is unlimited amount of opportunity available with youtube.

3)Start making apps :

Buid simple apps (android or ios) .If you know coding thats awsome or if you dont know coding still you can build apps with help of third party application,

Go and check How do free apps make money & get paid by advertising .Its kind of easy pisy thing.

4)Do affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is another best way to generate income sitting in home .and good ways to make money from home. so,Give it a try.Find the best site or company that has awesome or highly profitable affiliated program .

tHERE is click bank available.Search in google for click bank and create a free account .you dont need to spend any money on it!

and Flipart,snapdeal and other shopping portal also provide affiliate marketing program .

5)Make money online selling:

You can sell old items,new items or be a broker online.Sell your own products,or can sell someones product.

You can sell online in amazon,flipkart,snapdeal,ebay or in other websites.

It is not easy to earn money from online althogh like every other business there is also risk in online business but if you can put "art into smart" then you can do anything in the world.

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