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How to apply for passport ONline in india ?- (Fresh or reissue type application)

How to apply for passport ONLINE?-learn how to do it very simple and easily .

Follow this step by step procedure and dont skip any where you will be good to go.If you do it by any agent or so they will charge you hefty amount of money for making passport or applying for it but i will share here very easy and reliable method that anyone can do it easily and without hesitation ,i have posted a video also for this that there should be no doubt and enjoy this post and share it in facebook  or twitter or whatsapp as a thanks  giving with your friend.

So,enough saying lets do it in real.

Passport Application online:

Step 1 – Creating Account / Login ID
  1. Visit the passport seva Portal or website for registering as new user or if you have previous account.
  2. FIND in the left side corner and click on New User, Register now? (Blue colored). or click existing user.
  3. Fill up the form for registration with login id and password details and enter captcha then press log in button.
  4. Select the passport office in the city you are staying now or the nearest one.
  5. Complete filling up the form and click on register.
  6. This will create your login id at the passport seva website.
Step 2 – Application Form Submission
  1. Return to the passport seva portal or website after creating your login id in home page section.
  2. Click on the existing user / login button (green colour box) .
  3. Fill your login id and click Continue.
  4. Click the option of Apply for Fresh Passport / Reissue of Passport .
  5. At the next page select option of Normal or Proceed further with Next button.
  6. You can download the form any time and upload it after filling it. Or just start filling up the form online to save your time.
  7. Fill in your personal details exactly as mentioned and correctly fill all data as such in your documents which you are going to submit later in PSK.
  8. Click on Submit button at bottom once you complete filling up the form.
  9. After submitting your application you will be redirect to the page as in step no. 4.
  10. You will be able to see your submitted/saved applications here by clicking on View.
apply passport online step by step procedure 2016  working method

Step 3 – Pay and Book an Appointment with PSK

  1. You are at the page View Saved/ Submitted Applications.
  2. Next you choose the option of paying and scheduling an appointment with psk.
  3. Select the button Online Payment or offline payment  and proceed with Next.choose online payment as it is easy and shown in the video how you can do it!
  4. You will find list of all Passport Seva Kendras near your city or in your city. Here you will get the time of your appointment in Passport seva kendra(passport office ) and date.
  5. Select the relevant PSK. Enter captcha code to proceed for Next.
  6. Click the button of Pay and Book Appointment and will be directed to the payment gateway.
  7. After completing the online payment procedure,You will be redirected to the main page.
  8. You will get a page showing title of Appointment Confirmation. The page will show details of your appointment as selected by you.
  9. Click on Print Application Receipt and dont forget to carry this receipt to the PSK ( passport office )at the given time.

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