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How to know your passport application status online -get a passport status quick

How you check your passport status online?

customerdirectory.org has made your passport tracking much more simple and make it easy .Basically Government issue a document which is basically for visiting another country and they can keep track record and you are indian so you need passport as an indian.It is identity proof that you are an indian citizen.The full procedure of TRacking passport status,passport application and renewal of passport are made online by government to give a better and fluid easy service.we will provide all details realted all details about how you can check your PASSPORT STATUS online or offline.

Passport status can be easily tracked online through diferrent passport seva kendra available.If you have applied for passport and you dont know whats the status of your passport and you have given some one else for passport making you can still track your passport status and if you have already applied ,All you need is the FILE number.Passport is very vital for traveler as it shows his/her nationality and identity. and also some other important information like date of birth,age ,photo,signature,birth mark,full birth name e.t.c. 

we are not connected directly or indirectly to passport seva kendra .this post is to inform all of you how to know passport status for educational purpose. 

When you can start tracking passport status?

After 5 working days you filed your application ,you can start tracking your password status online at passport seva website.Make sure you check at your near regional passport office near your place.Follow below guide to track down this status from passport issuing authority.

1) click here to check the passport application status in online passport seva portal.

2)SELECT the application type.

3)Write down your application file number or id that is given to you during form fill up or application filing.

4)Fill your DOB (date of birth).

5) click on the button Trck status.

You will see your current passport status online.

If you want to contact them for any issue or related to passport status we are giving this toll free number- 1800 258 1800 .this is national call center number .

You will Receive a message when you will do query and they will provide the whole Passport status.of your current application.You can get status such as  ‘Application submitted’, ‘passport dispatched’ or police verification pending or passport printed. Every status has different meaning and therefore you need to act quickly according the status of the message and you have to collect your passport or verify your Police status or Collect your passport from passport sevakendra.

For all information you can get in our Customerdirectory.org portal. 
Know how to check you applied passport status online or offline
Indian passport status online/offline -Know about your progress of passport application

How to receive passport status by sms service:

Send SMS to 970 4100 100 as STATUS <your file number>

You will recieve Your passport status in mobile as sms.However ,The passport status online is updated in real time.and thats the best way to track the passport status is online.

To receive sms subidha /service you should select sms service during applying for passport In the application form.Dont worry if you have not enrolled or selected it during the application time you can enroll later also.Activate this sms service Under the section 'Enroll for sms services."

The basic information you need to know is 15 digit alphanumeric code issued at the time of your application submission.

Passport is the basic requirement to travel abroad.Whether you are travelling for study ,pilgrimage,medical purpose or any other reason.you should have valid passport.Hope you will have easy tracking of passport status.

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