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How to activate Pnb net banking?-step by step process of login in punjab national bank

Punjab net banking Online registration process:

In todays world Internet plays a major role in our daily life and now banking has become more easier than past and its all thanks to invention of computer and using of all electronics gadget.Now you don't have to stand in queqe for hours in bank you can do your transaction in online thanks to PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK because they have enabled Online banking for its users and customers.

customer directory के expert  यहाँ पे बताएगा पूरा procedure की कैसे आप भी Punjab national bank में ऑनलाइन रेजिस्टर हो सकते हो और इस सुबिधा का आनंद उठा सकते हो ,ये आप अपना android फ़ोन को इस्तेमाल कर के भी कर सकते हो। 

The customers of punjab national bank can enjoy this internet banking features with guaranteed security in all their online transactions. Lets discuss here How you can also activate Punjab national bank Internet banking through out this article.

Punjab National Bank Internet Banking /  Pnb net banking Activation step by step Procedure:

First If you want to activate net banking  facility of Punjab national bank you have to go to their website- click here .You will visit their website .but i will tell you to follow full article and then visit their website.

You need to provide username and password provided by Punjab national bank.if you are not sure go and ask in your bank.the above link will redirect to pnb home page their you can find the registration page and you need to enter their your username and password.

for registration help guidance pnb net banking online
Pnb net banking home page click shot

लाल तीर से जो दो बटन दिख रहा है उसी पे क्लिक करके registration को पूरी करना है।

when you click the registration button,One pop up window will open up there you need to fill all the details very carefully and dont type password wrong because after typing five times back to back wrong your PNB account will be get blocked.if you are corporate user then click the corporate button or if you are retail account holder then click the below button but for 90 percent people it will be the retail button if you are not sure then call your branch or visit your branch or call the below toll free number -1800 180 2222

After successfully registering in your account now you can change your default username and password in your desired one.

आप अपना यूजर ID और पासवर्ड को चेंज कर सकते हो एकबार उस अकाउंट में लोग इन होने के बाद। पर याद रखिये की ५ बार अगर आप गलत पासवर्ड का चुनाव करते हो तो आपका अकॉउंट ब्लॉक भी हो सकते हो ,तो यूजरनाम और पासवर्ड डाल के एंट्री करने के पहले थोड़ा सा सबधाणी बरतिए। 


Once you change your password that password valids for 360 days so therefore you need to change it after 360 days but for some security reason ,it is advised from punjab national bank to change it more often to keep your account safe from fraudster .If you have not registered in net banking or entered in your account for long period of time then you might need for a new password from bank only .

If your accounts get blocked by entering wrong password for five times ,you need to visit your near by Pnb branch and they will assist you for making a new password.

It is advised from punjab national bank not to share the user id and password details with anyone and they will not ask you also.they will only send your user id or password from your registered email and registered phone.

If any user forgot his username and password then call the below number or visit your near by branch to block your account and get a new password.

Here is how you can check the activation status of Punjab National Bank internet banking/PNB net banking is contacting the nearest PNB bank or contact toll free (across all over India) helpline number helpline number is 1800 180 2222 and also a mobile helpline number is 0124-2340000.

This article will help to guide all punjab national bank users and it is the latest guide from pnb to HOW TO ACTIVATE PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK NET BANKING .if you have not activated it do it today.

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